• Customer satisfaction is the first priority. This is our primary duty to meet the expectations in the most economical and fastest way and to offer excellent products in order to satisfy them at the highest level as the solution partner and the natural consultant of our customer. 

• Quality is the dispensable matter of our life for our personal and corporate life and the most important value of our company culture. Our customers determine the criteria about our quality. the customer opinions and recommendation about our products are binding. 

• “Minimum Error” and “Delivery On Time” are always valid as our quality target.  

• Everyone is responsible for the quality of their work themselves. And our quality assurance system is under the responsibility of all of our employees. Therefore, the duty of every employee, from the Trainee to the General Manager is to do the work faultlessly. 

• We believe that the Quality in the Management may be ensured by creating added value with a systematic approach based on the happiness of our employees and customers. 

• Every department in our company must consider the department following after them in the course of work as their customers and ensure the produced product or service to be liked by them. 

• We maintain our relationship with our customer even after the sale and we give warranty for our products manufactured and imported by us and we assume the after sale services. 

• We believe that time is valuable, we think fast and we act in an organized way, we behave honestly, precisely and clearly and we give importance to the details. 

•  We follow and learn about the innovations related  to our sector in order to contribute to the constant development and change of our customers.