Liqeo pens are manufactured through international technological cooperation and make a difference with the technological innovations they offer.

The pens, manufactured in Turkey and China, are filled with fast-drying specially formulised German ink and equipped with durable Japanese polyester tips.

Liqeo was released to the market after extensive R&D and laboratory studies of around 5 or 6 years. Product development is continued for offering higher level of product diversity.

The patented “free ink” technology ensuring continuous free flow of ink and the regulated distribution and control system are unique superior features of Liqeo pens.

Thanks to the abovementioned features, Liqeo offers brighter and lively colours, longer life of use and more efficient use.

Liqeo pens do not contain a felt or cartridge. While other highlighters, fine liners and markers live at least 30 or 40 percent of ink residue, the rate is lower than 5 percent for Liqeo, which in turn offers the advantage of an economic and efficient use. High-quality German ink is environment-friendly, since it is used up to the latest drop and does not leave residue.

You can find detailed information about Liqeo brand and products here.