Established in Normandy (France) in 1864, the Hamelin Group owns the ELBA brand that was founded in Wuppertal region (Ruhr) of Germany in 1917. ELBA name comes from the combination of the names of two villages (Elberfeld and Barmen) in which the whole story of the company started to be written.

Among the filing and organiser product range of ELBA brand, hanger files and file boxers and related accessories are presented to the Turkish market.

The said hanger filing systems are an invention by ELBA with design registration.

High-quality filing systems developed for functional archiving and indexing ease up the professional life in different fields of use. They are offered in different capacities, amounts and colours.

ELBA products personal or corporate use are highly practical in the classification, protection and searching of documents. They provide the opportunity of ordered indexing.

ELBA files made of 100 percent recyclable and environment-friendly paper are sensitive to the environment.